Yesterday, I met up with my friend Peter in a local Ubud coffee.  We got talking about how the crazy petro-capital system is ravaging the planet and how its hard to live authentically in a way that doesn’t participate in this system.  He gestured tomorrows my laptop.

I had to smile.  My laptop actually represents authenticity!  I was happy to share the story of my awesome non-apple, non-corporate, laptop that uses 100% open source software AND hardware.  It was a recent, unbeleivably helpful gift from my friend Trisha, to help support my work with ecobrick and the plastic transition movement.  it is also the culmination of a big decision I made ten years ago.

When I was a kid, our first family computer was a Mac 512k.  This set me down the unlikely path of being an apple user and aficionado, at a time when most people used Windows and PCs.  For those who grew up in those years, apple really didn’t have many users (despite its great product) and positioned itself as the David in a fight against Goliath.  Well, we all know how that battle turned out!  Apple logos are now more mainstream than windows ever dreamed it could be.  Apple’s walled garden business approach has extrapolated to the extreme.

However, ten years ago, when the battle was raging and apple was still the underdog, I could already feel something was amiss.  Despite the veneer of millions of dollars spent on cultivating its image, something didn’t feel quite right.  I was feeling locked in by ever increasing prices for programs, and their every increasing demand to wall me in.  It was then that I made the swith from Apple, to Ubuntu.  1

It was a jarring, rough shift.  More like a crash really.  Going from the slick Apple OS to the open source Ubuntu, where the programs were still really rough around the edges was not easy.  However, I persevered, and so did the communities behind Ubuntu, Inkscape, Gimp editor and other programs.

It was a tough decision but one I am so glad to have made.  Over the last decade I have developed my proficiency in all those programs and they have likewise evolved and progressed tremendously.  True, they haven’t caught up to Adobe creative suite, but what the heck– they are free and the vibe is infinitely better.

Our intention is to have everything freed down to the schematic level, but have not cleared all design, patents, legal, and contractual details. We will continue to advance toward this goal as it aligns with our long-term beliefs.Purism on their Librem laptop